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Summary of evidence

The summary of evidence provides an overview of the topic area. It provides definitions and common understanding around the topic, the importance of addressing the topic at work, and then a summary of the literature (both practitioner and academic) aimed at addressing the topic at work.

Academic research

Some of the strongest academic evidence regarding interventions to enhance personal resilience at work has been summarised below.  These are empirical studies or work of publishable quality. There has been a lot of research into how resilience can be improved, with much of the research focusing on a wide range of protective factors which are associated with  building personal resilience.

Unfortunately, there is no single protective factor or combination of resources that consistently leads to resilience for all individuals. Neither is there consistency in terms of our experience of adversity as one person’s adverse event may be another’s pleasure.The various protective factors do not in themselves infer resilience but rather the level of exposure and interaction between the factors is more influential. It is thought that the more protective factors within an intervention the better, as different situations demand different factors in order to be resilient. 


Practitioner research

Some of the strongest practitioner evidence regarding interventions and research relating to resilience at work has been summarised below. These are empirical studies or work of publishable quality.  

This section only provides practitioner evidence relevant to resilience within the workplace. 



Access tools and guidance

Tools for individual employees

The toolkits and guidance included here are designed to help individuals understand what personal resilience is and how they are able to develop it in order to become a more resilient individual. In addition, we have also included some tools which allows individuals to gain an understanding of their own resilience by completing a self-assessment questionnaire. 

Tools for leaders and managers

The tools and guidance included within this section contain details on how to enhance resilience but specifically related to leader and managers. The resources here aim to provide leaders and managers with the guidance required to encourage resiliency within a workforce and resilience through a leadership lens- including ways in which leaders can foster a resilience enhancing environment. 

Tools for organisations and practitioners

This section includes a range of tools and guidance which are developed for developing resilience at an organisational level. The resources included here aim to give practitioners useful information relating to why resilience is important in the context of the organisation and how to encourage a resilient culture within an organisation.

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