Founded in 2006, Affinity Health at Work is a niche occupational health psychology consultancy and research group. Our aim is to make a tangible difference in the way workplaces function – to humanise the workplace by improving levels of employee health and wellbeing and enhancing people management and leadership skills. 


We are passionate about evidence based practice and creating outputs that are both directly applicable and useful to practitioners and are accessible to all. We are unique in the profession and sit across both academia and practice – making sure that we have currency in both worlds.  This approach has been multi-award winning and we are currently holders of both the British Psychological Society and Division of Occupational Psychology Practitioner of the Year Awards.


We have always believed that the knowledge, tools and guidance that our research and work generates should be freely available to all.  This belief, along with our awareness that so many people face challenges in accessing good, evidence-based information to steer their practice and decisions, led to our conviction and commitment to create the Affinity work health and wellbeing Hub. To read more about our work and our outputs, go to


Our people

Emma Donaldson-Feilder
Founding Director

Emma’s work integrates research, practice and national policy, including research and consultancy on health at work, executive coaching, career coaching and supervision for coaches, teaching and researching interpersonal mindfulness, and membership of HSE’s Workplace Health Expert Committee. Her heartfelt intention is to help workplaces become kinder, healthier and better led.


Key interests: Leading for health and wellbeing, Interpersonal mindfulness, Health at work, Management development, Evidence-based practice 


Jo Yarker PhD

Founder and Director


Jo divides her time between Affinity and Kingston Business School, where she works as an Associate Professor of Occupational and Business Psychology. She is passionate about understanding what we can do to foster fulfilling, healthy and productive work, particularly under times of challenge such as when individuals are unwell or under pressure. Alongside her lecturing, research and consultancy, Jo holds voluntary roles with the British Psychological Society and enjoys spending time with her three children and husband.  


Key Interests: Leadership and management, Evidence-based practice, Chronic illness, Return to work 


Rachel Lewis PhD



Rachel juggles her time between Affinity, Kingston Business School (where she works as an Associate Professor of Occupational and Business Psychology), voluntary positions with the BPS and ABP, and as a mum to two girls.   She is absolutely passionate about increasing evidence based practice within the profession.


Key Interests: Leading for wellbeing, Management Development, Kindness, Evidence-based practice


Kate Godfree

Research Consultant


Kate is a Research Consultant at Affinity Health at Work and a PhD student at Kingston University.  One of her goals is to have a tangible impact on health and wellbeing in the workplace using  an evidence-based approach. Kate’s PhD topic is obesity and obesity discrimination within the workplace.  She is also a volunteer committee member of her British Psychological Society branch.


Key Interests: Health and wellbeing at work, Evidence-based practice, Obesity and obesity discrimination at work

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